Best Garment Racks Reviews

Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Garment Rack
Collapsible and Easy to Carry
Build with Heavy Duty Steel, Elegant Chrome finish
Comes with Heavy duty 3" Casters/Wheels
Langria Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Garment Rack
Extensible rod
Premium material
Fast installation
Whitmore Supreme Double Rod Garment Rack
Store extra clothes and accessories; adjustable side swing arm hanger keeps clothes, scarves, ties and belts organized
Locking wheels allow for easy maneuvering of this heavy duty garment rack
Heavy-duty black epoxy-coated steel construction has a 300 pound capacity with wheels

Best garment racks

As a woman, I never have enough space where to hang my clothes. If you are a woman as well, then I am sure you understand my problem. There is always that one dress that you MUST have or that cute blazer you cannot just say pass because it was on sale. I get it. We may just be programmed as such. However, that does not fix our issue, and that is the storage aspect. We need more room, and unfortunately, not all of us live in a house with a big dressing room. Us living in a small apartment need to make do with what we have, which is why we invest in the best garment racks we can find.

Why a garment rack?

The simplest answer to that question is hanging space. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of models that are designed to satisfy our needs. Even so, a garment rack is more than meets the eyes. I have two uses for them, and I thought of sharing it with you.

  • Hanging space – when you do not have a big dressing room, just like me, you need to find new ways to hang your clothes. Yes, drawers are fine, but you know as well as I do that not all clothes can be stored in drawers. Personally, I do not have the skill of ironing a blazer, for example, and putting it in a drawer will make it look like a cow chewed on It will not look presentable when you take it out. That is why I use garment racks for whatever needs to stay straightened at all times. It goes the same for dresses, blouses, shirts, and whatever you can think of. The nice part is that you can place garment racks anywhere. They usually have wheels, and you can put them somewhere besides a wall of your bedroom.
  • Drying rack – if you love your clothes just as much as I do, then you know that some of them need to be treated with extra care, And by that I mean that a dryer is out of the question. That is why a garment rack makes for a brilliant drying place for your extra sensitive clothes. And the best part is when you hang a shirt on a garment rack, it will come out as if it was ironed. Well, almost. As long as you put the clothing item on a hanger, it will maintain its shape better. I tried one of those drying stands, but there was always a prominent line in the middle of all my shirts. Not helpful, to say the least. A garment rack works a lot better.

Those are the two uses I find for a garment rack, but in the end, you can use one as you see fit. If you find another useful purpose for it, you can share. Maybe I will steal your tip.

How to choose the best garment rack for you?

The first time I bought a garment rack, I failed in purchasing one that suited me. I know, how can anyone buy a lousy garment rack? Well, it is possible, but only if you do not look for the proper functions. Think of the features you find useful before you buy. Here are a few things that I learned the hard way:

  • The wheels are more important than you think – one of the things you do not have to underestimate is the wheels. Almost all models come with wheels, but not all of them will take the abuse. By abuse, I mean moving the garment rack all over the room, over the puffy carpet. I do that because when I want to dry some clothes on hangers, I move the garment rack closer to the window. Wet clothes are a humidity hazard (if that is even a thing.) If you plan on moving the garment a lot, my advice is to look for a model with durable casters. Otherwise, you may glue those casters so many times that you will eventually throw the garment away and buy a new one.
  • Collapsible features – as I said above, I have two uses for a garment rack. That is why I always have at least two. The one I use to dry my clothes on must be collapsible. I do not want something occupying too much space for nothing. After all, it beats the whole purpose of having a garment rack. There are plenty of foldable garment racks on the market, and if you look for a bit, I am sure you will find a suitable one. The smaller it gets, the better.
  • Size – this is entirely up to you. It depends on how many clothes you plan on hanging on it. The height is not very important unless you choose a model with two rods, but the length and width matter. Take a look around your closet and see how many clothes you plan on hanging. Also, something I learned from experience, always go for a more extended model than you intend. That is because you will buy more clothes. That is one, and two, you do not want your garment to get crowded. If you do not listen, you will end up with a lot of ironing experience.
  • The number of rods – a one-rod garment rack is the women’s favorite. You can hang dresses, long coats, and so on. A two-rod garment rack is something that men buy because they have the shirts and the pants, and that is pretty much it. Even so, ladies buy two-rod garment racks as well, for their shirts, skirts, and pantsuits. It works for both genders just as well.
  • Shelves or no shelves – by shelves I mean one shelf. You know, the one you have at the bottom, just above the casters. Not all people like that because it may come against the garment rack’s foldability properties. Even so, I have one, and I use it to put my shoes on. It is pretty useful, so if you plan on buying a rack that will permanently stay unfolded, then a garment rack with a shelf will come in handy.
  • Finish – ladies, this is important, and you know it. If you have an item that will stay in your room for a while, then you want it to look nice. My personal favorite is the chrome garment rack, but there are others that look I saw some black garment racks that look stunning, but a black one needs to go with the room’s design. A chrome finish goes with pretty much anything.

What are the best garment racks?

There is no right answer to that question. Not in the traditional way, at least. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of models from different manufacturers. My advice is to buy one that is well-built and meets the criteria mentioned above. As long as you follow my list, you cannot fail. If you do not want to bother looking yourself, below you will find three models that I personally vetted. Enjoy!

Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Garment Rack

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This garment rack is one of my favorites. It is actually the first one I bought after I learned my lesson with the old one that lost two casters just two days apart. It is simple, but elegant, and it goes with the design of my room. Well, the finish is chrome, so it works with about any design your room may have. As for dimensions, it measures 42.5 inches in length, it is 18 inches wide, and 62 inches high. I would say it is about enough by anyone’s standards.

The construction is highly durable, not that clothes are heavy. I have not tried this, but I am pretty sure that if you stand on it, it will carry you. I am not advising this, but I was just trying to prove a point. The heavy duty steel makes sure of its durability. As for the casters, I still have this garment rack, and not one of the wheels came off, which is good news. The 3-inch heavy-duty casters seem to hang in there pretty well. And that is coming from someone who has a puffy carpet.

One of the best things about this garment rack is that it comes with an extensible rod. The top rod extends from the said 42.5 inches to 66.75 inches. The extra room always comes in handy. I usually use one end to hang my scarves, but nothing is stopping you from putting more hangers on it. Do not worry, it will hold more than fine. The setup is easy, and the bottom two rods are great for boxes or shoes.

Langria Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Garment Rack

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I bought the Langria Garment Rack last year, and I actually like it a bit more than the Simple Houseware. It has a pretty design, and it is pretty accommodating. The rods expand both vertically, from 65.7 to 70.9 inches, and horizontally, from 50.8 to 74.4 inches. At the moment it is at the minimal setting, but it is just right. This is ideal if you want to hang long dresses on it.

The material is made of makes this one of the best garment racks you will find. It is made of premium steel, and it has a beautiful chrome finish. It looks nice, but the chrome also protects against corrosion and rust. If you want to use it for drying clothes, this features is perfect. The product comes disassembled, but you can put it up quite easily. I did not need any help, and I am not the handiest person you will ever going to meet. You do not need any tools.

The omnidirectional casters will allow you to move the rack with ease, and they are pretty durable. They did not come undone yet, so that is something. Also, two of the wheels have brakes. It has a capacity of 200 pounds, even if it weighs 16 pounds. When you do not need anymore, you can unfold it and put it in a closet. It is as simple as that.

Whitmore Supreme Double Rod Garment Rack

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Last but not least, the garment Rack from Whitmore is a bit different from the other two. This is the one that I bought for my boyfriend a while back. It is more suitable for men because it comes with two rods instead of one, and guys do not usually need one high rack. You can easily hang shirts, suits, pants, belts, ties, and whatever you can think of. Since there are two rods, there is plenty of space. The shelf at the bottom can even be used for shoes, which is great. The Whitmore garment rod is ideal for keeping a man organized.

This product comes with 4 highly durable casters that allow you to move the garment with ease. They are strong enough to withstand a weight of 300 pounds. Two of the wheels can be locked in place for safety.

Assembled, this garment rack measures 16.25 by 38 inches, and it is 76 inches high. What is even better is that it can be quickly turned into a one-rod garment rack by merely removing the rod in the middle. Assembly is easy, and you do not need any tools to set it up. The black and chrome finish makes it look elegant in any setting.

My recommendation

I am satisfied with what I saw on all three products, but my choice remains the Langria Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Garment Rack. It is pretty, it is versatile, and it can hold a lot of clothes. It is one of the best garment racks I can recommend.


Whether you want to keep your clothes up or just hang them to dry, one of the products above will come in handy. I personally saw them, and I can assure you that they are durable. You cannot go wrong with any of them. Click here to buy on Amazon

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